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i bought a subscription on your website, how do i access the picks?

Plays will be delivered via email. Please make sure to check out with the email you'd like to receive the picks at.

You can also get the picks on the Fade The Public App! Instructions below:

Step 1: Download the App

Download Here:

Step 2: Create An Account

From the homepage, click profile, then sign up for a FREE account with your email and password. 

Step 3: Email Us Here

After you sign up for an account, your email will be in the system. Please email us at and let us know which email you signed up with so I can grant your account full access!


how do you decide on picks?

the ftp team studies millions of different variables to make sure your money is on the right selection day in and day out. 


how many picks do you have per day?

the amount of picks per day always varies, it depends on how many picks we are confident in. it could be 5 or it could be none. we will never put your money at risk by giving you a pick we are not 100% confident in. 


how does your system work?

our system has been tested and studied for 10+ years. while it is not perfected, it is extremely successful and provides you with the highest return on investment you will find in sports betting!


do you guys offer free plays?

yes, we try to offer 1 free play per day on our twitter (@ftphandicapping) and our instagram (@ftphandicapping), but in order to receive all of our picks, you must subscribe. 


do you have a referral program?

yes, this gives our clients incentive to get more friends/family to sign up. when you get 5 people to sign up to weekly or monthly subscriptions, we will give you a free week on us.